2015-09-08 13:44


Waking in the morning, so warm and comfortable…feeling absences…no lover and no friends. Maybe I should call my lover or perhaps I could call my friends. Later. When I get up this absent feeling will fade and be replaced by the gratitude I feel about being able to work and zoom on cool things. Like a new painting perhaps. Or stabbing at the metabolic code approach I’ve been noodling with. Or, it might be fun to hit the zoo and draw the animals. Learn some shapes for some pictures Im thinking about. I’m already getting excited.

And perhaps that’s my problem right there, off in my own little world. Maybe that’s ok. It’s not about winning the race it’s about finishing the race of life the best way we know how.

Rode to office. Finished as400 upgrade. Listened to new music (Fisch loops Bollywood, anime tune, gold finger). Looked in Philips gallery window. Saw this:

Philips Gallery, Hyunmee Lee Paintings, with window reflections 20150907Philips Gallery, Hyunmee Lee Paintings, with window reflections 20150907

Home. Thinking abut painting. Space and the representation of space. Where are the objects in the picture above? How would you paint them? How would you make collage from those elements if you had individual pictures of each one?

So sleepy. Lay down on couch and I was out.


That same feeling, a desire for closeness. To love and be loved. For affection and comraderie. Partners in crime and sharing of physical space an ease and pleasure in our bodies. In touching and looking. Easy physicality. Shared ambition, shared enterprise.

It’s this shared enterprise where things breakdown.

hmmm… off to my own little world, then going for a swim with T.

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