2015-09-03 22:04

Recap: What did I do today?

feet on desk 20150903feet on desk 20150903

I finished a painting. The first one in a year. I hope I can keep learning on each painting like I did on this one! Given the small number of paintings a person can do, it’s amazing how much can be learned doing one.

I swam with T. Swimming is so good for me. I did an amazing butterfly off the bat. 200 im in 4:20

Worked a bit on metabolic computing. Everything about it is off kilter or the opposite of what computing is about. Every little interaction has to be it’s own thing. No abstractions at all. Elements, multiple elements, but not sets, individual element interactions, not functions. It’s the complete opposite of any kind of representational thinking. But then it’s supposed to be non-representational right?

Somehow painting and the metabolic computing problem are related. It’s something about the individuality of each element of code and how important each individual stroke is in painting.

ghost in the shell arise clip imgghost in the shell arise clip img

The sound track for Ghost in the Shell Arise” by Cornelius is amazing. Check out this sample:

And I had the best ham fried rice with yellow onion from Little World while playing Splatoon tonight. So good. (yes, splatoon is addictive)

tomorrow, I’ll try a new place with supposedly great fried rice. on main st. (can’t remember the name).

3:47 am. One of the bike pedi-cabs just went up the street. saxophone music playing on his speakers. I had to run outside to see what was up. it sounded so good coming in through the skylight. bright purple led’s lit the rear of the cab up as the music faded.

Off to sleep.

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