2015-09-05 14:56

Recap: What did I do today?

see beyond fences...see beyond fences...

What a great date I had with T. I don’t mind a confusing situation, as long as I know where I fit into it, and that I am not unwanted, and that I can be myself. I guess I also learned I really like the kind of predictability that let’s me look forward to things. I like that feeling of anticipation. It let’s me work harder and not worry about breaks. (hmmm… that’s a recurring theme!)

I was up late on Thursday (obvs!) so Friday was taken up with setting up a new computer for a friend. But I also got some think time in about the importance of vision, and a vision being inspirational to keep the focus on the big projects. Inspiration can push through all kinds of emotional distractions.

As you can see in yesterday’s recap picture I keep some words on phrases on my wall. One is vision. Vision is a complicated idea. But I realized that a vision works when it is full of insipration. When thinking about the vision is inspiring. So I hope I have come up with a maxim and method to use vision to be more productive.

Build up, maintain, and center around vision. If I spend a few moments with vision as a way to prepare to work, getting the vision clear in my head before sitting down to work, on even small bugs, or details, makes the work substantially more fun and engaging. It makes the work I do more meaningful because the inspiration comes through. Vision isn’t just a nice platitude, it is a method, a practical approach to working. It is something that should be used and fed. When I use vision and intentionally focusing on vision as a method, my productive and sense of well being goes up.

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